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One email make contact with link makes a good addition to close to any type of web site, giving visitors a means of sending questions or other forms of feedback to the site owner. Although adding a make contact with form into one HTML page might noise a little tad complicated if you are brand new to HTML, the reality is that sending email from an HTML page is actually fairly uncomplicated to work.

Difficulty: Simple


1 Decide which email address you need to receive the emails from your website.

2 Create the HTML page from which you want the consumers to be able to send one email.

3 Add an anchor tag that is includes a mailto: link. It ought to appear such as this:

5 Type to near the anchor tag. The final end result should look something like this: Contact Me. You may now upload your HTML page to your server, and website visitors will be able to click on it to send you email.

Make use of a Form

1 Create an HTML kind using either a hard-coded HTML file or an HTML editor such as DreamWeaver? or Nvu, including fields to the information you wish to collect from the users (such seeing that identify, email, etc).

2 Arranged suitable value or title attributes to each input label in your HTML form in purchase to guarantee that you can identify and understand the data properly when you obtain it.

3 Locate a type mail script. Your Web host may well have pre-establish scripts available by means of your hosting plan. If you accomplish not already own access to an existing type mail, seek for a free form mail CGI script on the Internet, subsequently follow the instructions to customize the script and upload it to your server. Add any necessary variables, similar as setting upward the email address that is should obtain the form results.

4 Arranged the action attribute of your form tag to point to the location of your script and the method to either "post" or "grab" because specified on the variety setup instructions.

5 Add any necessary hidden variables and input fields to your HTML form that are required in the script setup instructions.

6 Upload your HTML form to your server on the proper position, double-checking that you have specify up the actions attribute to correctly point to your style script.

Tips & Warnings

Within order to use any sort of CGI form mail script, you will need to have access to a CGI bin on your Web host. Most paid hosting plans must include this feature, however free Web hosting accounts can not.

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