The U.S. produces several various types of bullion coins each year.

A bullion coin yous a coin created especially to be used since exclusive investment bit, since opposed to being applied whereas legal tender. The U.S. Mint offers silver, gold and platinum bullion coins with numerous various sizes and designs. Authentic U.S. bullion coins are valuable (literally worth their weight from silver, gold or platinum), still counterfeits conduct exist that are valued at virtually zilch. The ability to spot a likely fake is extremely important for any collector regarding U.S. bullion coins.


Things You'll Need

Price tag guide to U.S. coins

1 Look for the faces of the coin for a declaration regarding the amount of precious metal in the coin. On the popular silver American Eagle bullion coin this declaration remains on the reverse and it read "1 oz. fine silver." All real U.S. bullion coins have this information somewhere on only of the coin's confronts.

2 Examine the certificate of authenticity, if one exists. All U.S. bullion coins in the beginning arrive by way of certificate regarding genuineness. This certificate can be counterfeited or lost, extremely the occurrence of a certificate of authenticity isn't a definite indicator of some coin's legitimacy, yet it may certainly assist to alleviate any one first concerns on your part.

3 Find the coin in an up-to-date U.S. coin price tag guide. If the coin does not exist with the price manual, it is a fake. You can moreover search the U.S. Mint's internet site on order to find out a lot more information in relation to distinctive U.S. bullion coins.

5 Take on the coin to some dealer if you possess it from your ownership plus you still can't discover its authenticity. Any dealer can tell you if the coin is genuine or not.


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Photo Credit American Eagle Silver Proof Coin image by way of Luke Haverkamp from website ;

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