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In "Angry Birds," one colonnade game released for multiple platforms, you may launch different sorts of birds on targets. Each bird has its own special characteristic that aids you break specific kinds of blocks much better than any other bird. Blue birds can multiply into some triplet of angry, flung birds, allowing you to reduce away at glass frameworks by way of convenience. The first time you come across blue birds is during level "1-15," and you must complete the degree to unlock it.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Play through "Angry Birds" till you achieve "1-15." The game introduces you to the blue bird and gives you a transient description on how to employ it.

3 Pull your first bird back and target it upward so the bird will fall toward the middle of the 3 structures in the level. Tap the screen again only just before it hits the glass to multiply the birds, making the impact larger.

4 Pull the second bird back, aiming toward the central structure once again. Tap the screen to divide the birds, defeating the final regarding the pigs to total the degree.


"Angry Birds In-Game Help"; Rovio; 2 website11

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