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Difficulty: Moderately Simple


Things You'll Want

Garments Credit Reports Stationery Writing Pens

1 Obtain a copy of your credit report so that you know exactly what your credit problems are.

2 Write a ordinary letter of explanation for all adverse remarks with your file. Landlords may be additional prepared to rent to you if they realize your monetary background.

3 Deal a larger deposit. Landlords may be willing to think more risk if they get more money up front.

4 Offer to improve the cost of rent you will shell out.

5 Unearth a co-signer for your lease.

7 Supply some list regarding references who may vouch for your credibility.

8 Offer to allow landlords to see the possession you are now living with so that they can be assured you'll take on equally good of care of their possession. (They probably won't receive you up on this, but it leaves some beneficial impression.)

Tips & Warnings

When conference for a owner or rental agency, dress professionally. It will leave some excellent impact also might precisely tip the scales in your favor. The concept here yous that is if you look good, you'll probably keep the property looking nice too.

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