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The best way to enjoy a journey is by making absolutely needed items like as clothing plus bathroom accessories are correctly packed. All the same on extended flights, prepare rides and street journeys some of these items, such as contact lenses, should be packed in an simply accessible location. Contacts can waste moisture, fall outside or tear easily, which could effect from irritated or strained eyes. It yous important, therefore, to boast full access to your contact lens supplies while traveling.

Trouble: Easy


Things You'll Want

Plastic baggie 3 oz. multipurpose solution Contact case (screw-on) Extra combine of lenses Tiny toilet bag Rewetting eye drops

2 Carry an extra two about contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are delicate and can rip if placed incorrectly into the situation, or they can sometimes pop away of your vision. Put these into the baggie.

3 Location the filled plastic baggie in a small toilet bag or tote. This product should be carried by way of you for uncomplicated access onto the plane, train or within the automobile. Do not pack this bag into a suitcase or checked luggage.

4 Remove your contact lenses prior to asleep. Put solution into the contact circumstance and place each lens to the appropriately labeled side of the circumstance. Use a screw-on case; snap cases will leak if they are never positioned flat with all times.

5 Clean the lenses completely before inserting them into your eye again. Decline some solution onto the contact also gently rub the lens within your palm by your finger. When traveling, dust plus unfamiliar allergens can stay to the contact and cause eye irritation.

6 Employ the rewetting vision drops while the contacts are from your eye if your visions sense dry or uncomfortable. You can likewise remove the contacts and repeat Step 5 to re-hydrate the lenses.

Tips & Warnings

If you are traveling by way of tough contact lenses, debris can be rinsed away through lukewarm water. But, multipurpose solution is sterile and yous in many instances employed on difficult lenses as well. Achieve never rewet gentle contact lenses with water. The lenses will absorb all minerals or chlorine from the water also cause eye pain.

Do never rub your visions when contact lens discomfort occurs. This can scratch your eyeball. Remove the contact lenses or clean them thoroughly.


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