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Fable 2 is a part-playing game (RPG) developed by Lionhead Studios plus released through Microsoft Game Studios. It was released with the Xbox 36 website game console on October 21, 2 website website8, also it carries any "Grow" rating. Since by many RPGs, you should complete various tests and quests to advance via the game. Only such quest is the "Treasure Island regarding Doom." In this search you battle pirates and appear away with some treasure map also a dispatch.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Go to the Bloodstone Tavern. Speak to the drunk.

2 Leave the tavern. Enter the cave indicated to you via the drunk. Jump from the ledge by the entrance. Leave the water. Go awake the wooden ramp through the galleon.

3 Go through the out-of-place door. Use flourishes and Inferno to dispatch the ghost pirates. Go into the subsequent place. Find and use the change located in the best corner on the remaining of the room in buy to unlock the door.

5 Go again to the main cave. Turn right because you enter the cave. Use the lever in the accessible space. This will float the galleon. Jump across the gap onto the galleon's deck. This will bring about the pirates to appear.

6 Kill the pirate henchmen. Destroy the pirate captain following killing all regarding the henchmen. Use ranged attacks, being his melee attacks are powerful also need to be avoided.

7 Require the treasure map. Walk throughout to the dispatch's helm. Press the "A" button with the wheel. Steer the ship to the location on your map.

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