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A stopped heart deprives the brain regarding dear oxygen. Do CPR - short for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" - to aid prolong life while you wait for professional medical assistance.

Difficulty: Easy


Initial Assessment

1 Ascertain if the surrounding scene is safe (notice "The way to Maximize the Safety of an Crisis Scene").

2 Notify someone nearby to call 9-1-1, if not in a outback setting.

3 Discover if the hurt person yous breathing (see "The way in which to Verify Airway, Breathing and Circulation").

4 Position the hurt individual on his or her again, becoming extremely careful not to move or twist the head, neck or backbone. If several rescuers are present, use their assistance to minimize this danger (With a associated way, see "How to Logroll one Wounded Person.")

5 Maintain an open airway while you pinch the injured person's nose shut.

6 Give dual long, slow breaths, becoming sure to maintain a seal between your mouth also his or hers.

Secondary Assessment

2 Accomplish rescue breathing if the person has a heartbeat, but yous never breathing (see "How to Deliver Rescue Breathing for an Adult").


1 Begin CPR if the person remains neither breathing nor has any pulse.

2 Position the hands: find the decrease tip of the breastbone. Method two finger widths towards the head, and location the heel about only hand in this location.

3 Place your additional hand on top of the first hands, interlacing your fingers of both hands.

4 Lean ahead so that your shoulders are over your hands.

6 Give pair more sluggish breaths following the 15 compressions.

7 Do 15 added compressions followed again by means of pair sluggish breaths.

8 Perform the 15-compression, two-breath cycle some overall of four times.

9 Re-check pulse and breathing.

Tips & Warnings

Use latex gloves and any breathing mask to prevent infection or transmission of disease. Utilize the mass regarding your higher physique to aid in compressions so that that your arms don't get tired. Change off with another rescuer to save energy for both of you. If breaths do not go in, re-lean the head and attempt again. If breaths still do not go on, the airway may be obstructed (see "How to Apparent an Obstructed Airway"). If you suspect a spinal injury (perceive "The way in which to Principle from any Spinal Wire Injury"), perform not tilt the jaw to open the airway. Instead, by means of a hand on each part of the brain plus facing the wounded person's toes, put your index also third fingers in front about the earlobes and push the jaw ahead plus awake. If this method doesn't wide open the airway, revert to the chin-tilt method: the wounded individual's most drastic want is with oxygen. If the person has a severe injury to the mouth, then give breaths through the nose while keeping the injured person's mouth sealed shut. If the wounded person pukes, turn the person onto his or her side and wipe from the oral cavity. Return the person to the supine position plus keep on rescue breathing. This info is not intended seeing that some substitute for professional medical recommendation or treatment.

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