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Fleas are a prevalent pest that plagues both man plus animal. Pet care and garden stores offer you countless options for treating also preventing fleas. One very preferred natural remedy yous peppermint. While peppermint may not wholly get rid of a flea infestation, it remains useful in preventing and repelling fleas.


Things You'll Require

Peppermint plants Peppermint oil Rubbing alcohol Spray jar Cotton balls or pads Natural fiber rope

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Ways to Use Peppermint

1 Plant peppermint around your yard. Fleas stay away from plants with highly scented oils, these kinds of seeing that peppermint. Use peppermint plants as a border or garden filler to support keep fleas with bay. While they may not prevent all fleas from entering your yard, the plants will at lowest deter most of them. Exercise caution whenever planting peppermint, as it has a inclination to pass on also come to be intrusive. Dig up new development each spring to aid hold the plants inside check, or grow it in containers or raised beds.

2 Use peppermint oil in a spray to deter fleas. Combine a quarter-cup of peppermint oil in three cups rubbing alcohol, also pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray each influenced areas, giving special attention to wall edges, pet bedding and carpets. If you are using this solution on fabric, check to staining on an inconspicuous spot.

3 Create peppermint oil sachets. Soak cotton balls or pads inside peppermint oil, plus allow the excess to drip off. Drop the sachet into your vacuum, plus vacuum the affected regions. The scent of the peppermint oil will not only deter adult fleas, but the sachet in the vacuum bag kills any eggs or infant fleas. Be sure to discard your vacuum bag into your outdoor trash may after each vacuuming session. Sachets furthermore benefit homeowners when placed in closets, room corners or inside of pet bedding.

4 Create a homemade flea collar for your pet. Using some duration of natural fiber rope, allow the rope to soak in peppermint oil for approximately 1 website minutes. Remove the rope out of the oil, plus allow it to dry thoroughly. Tie the rope around your pet's neck, leaving some finger's width of place. When using a homemade flea collar, exercise caution. Ingestion of essential oils can be dangerous to pets. Make sure the collar works well, and check it often.

Tips & Cautions

Allergies and accidental ingestion are frequent problems whenever using important oils seeing that treatments. Exercise caution; consult any doctor or vet before, during plus after your treatments; and discontinue the operate of essential oils if all issues surface.

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