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The Digimon card game evolved from the preferred hobby about collecting Digimon character cards. To play, you will need a collection about Digimon cards. You will additionally need to learn the principles about play. Characters with greater knowledge regarding the attack and defense values assigned to each Digimon will be at an advantage during the assault phase of the game.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Digimon card-game rulebook Extra player 50 Digimon game cards each participant Digimon play mat with each player Coin

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1 Gather together your Digimon game cards. Here are four card types: Digimon (personality cards you will play the game with), Digidestined (special cards that may enhance any card attack or defense), Digivolve (cards that are used inside conjunction with Digimon cards to take your character to a higher degree), also Digi-Modify (wild cards that can be played at any free time for diverse uses).

2 Place up the game. Each player should shuffle his Digimon cards and place his play mat on front of him. Each player should later cut the cards regarding the competitor next to him and place the cut cards on the upper, remaining corner of the play mat.

3 Flip some coin to determine who will begin the game. Each player should in that case bring five cards from their Digimon card decks, and place them in the proper slots on their play mats.

6 Improve the power about your card during the Digivolve stage. The current player can pick to raise the strength of just one card in his Digivolve row on his play mat using any Digivolve card he has already drawn. Whilst he does thus, his turn is over.

7 Move upwards to 2 cards out of your Digivolve row to your attack row, and shift on to the attack phase.

8 Choose a card out of an opponent's assault row to fight with a card from your attack row. The winner is determined by whether the assault number on the attacking card is higher other than the defense number on the defending card. The winner takes points equal to the difference between the two numbers, and a losing defender card is discarded to that player's off-line pile. Play the Worlds Hardest Games.

9 Alternate turns between players. The game carry on until one player has amassed 7,500 points.

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Suggestions & Warnings

Follow the rules with attacking. The first competitor to have a change cannot assault.

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