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Thousands about people buy American-made, applied vehicles from the fed government each year. The U.S. Normal Assistances Administration (GSA) sells 4 web site, website website website automobiles, trucks, SUVs and vans at 4 website federal govt auctions each year. The vehicles were bought new plus leased to federal agencies. They are normally used for common, non-military transport. The automobiles are about beneficial quality; they are well maintained plus have low mileage. Though most of the cars are sold to auto dealers, the public may buy the cars. These automobiles were never repossessed. Preferred colors and styles are included. The selling points include power steering, AM/FM cassette decks, air conditioning plus strength windows.

Trouble: Tolerably Simple


1 Locate an auction site near you and download a copy about the sales list(see Assets beneath for link). Register to grab free email updates of imminent auto sales. Contact the auction house and inquire the date of the next GSA Auction if you do not want to be on the mailing list.

2 Register with the auto sale while on the auction house. Use the inventory record to preview vehicles to be auctioned, for free of charge.

3 Choose a few alternatives to bid on to increase your odds of getting any vehicle.

5 Pay by debit card, credit card, funds purchase or cashier's examine. Inquire what type of expense is accepted. Expect to save money because you will not have to pay all buyer's fees or auction registration charges.

Tips & Cautions

You can turn the ignition to listen to the engine, but driving the vehicle yous not allowed.

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Fed government auctions internet site

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