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While the world's best and brightest are dreaming up ways to power cars, homes, and even factories on the energy of the sunlight alone, you don't get to be left behind the solar-energy craze.

Particular of the most interesting and practical uses of solar energy remains (ironically) to power upwards our electric lights. By means of a few affordable electronics plus most friendly direction, you can power a little LED soft through solar energy alone.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


Things You'll Need

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1 Support the solar board and the LED light on the circuit panel very the leads/wires stick through the panel in the same course.

2 Wrap the solar board's stripped wire-ends around the leads of the LED soft, positive to helpful and negative to adverse. Solder them collectively securely.

3 Place the total design in bright sunlight and permit the solar panel to collect gentle for among 3 website-seconds and one particular full minute. The LED should change on slowly and glow steadily being lengthy as the solar panel is from a immediate, bright gentle resource.

Tips & Warnings

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