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Fishing the Excellent Lakes or other regions can be a pleasurable recreational activity. However, some of the unwelcome aquatic creatures you might encounter are less enjoyable. Coming into contact with spiny water fleas can result in tangling your fish lines or clogging your rod. Prickly water fleas are a small member of the crustacean organisms, have some long spiky tail and are found with most of the Great Lakes and numerous other inland waterways, according to Protect Your Drinking water. These fleas can upset the balance of zooplankton, consuming an inordinate quantity and reproducing quickly, which decreases the amount of this food obtainable to fish within the lakes. Taking rid of spiny water fleas through properly cleaning your motorboat and apparatus is essential to prevent their spread to other drinking water regions.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Water hose or pressure washer Hot tap water Sponge Towels

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2 Drain drinking water away from your boat motor, the live well holding your fish and the bilge area that collects water. Drain these parts of your ship on land, before leaving the water area.

3 Empty your bait bucket on land, or in some suitable disposal on land, before leaving the water area.

4 Utilize a hose to wash your boat, tackle, nets, downrigger lines, monofilament on reels and all fishing equipment with hot tap drinking water or a stress wash sprayer. InvadingSpecies? .com advises using hot tap water over 122 degrees.

5 Waterless your boat and apparatus in towels also depart it to waterless to at least five days before transporting it to another water body. Some spiny water flea species can survive for some few days from of water.

Call up the invading species hotline in 8 internet site web site-563-7711 to report any sitings of spiny water fleas in regions not shown on the distribution maps. Let your friends and family know almost the dangers of spreading these fleas to other drinking water and the ecological effects on the stability of lake habitats and species.

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Protect Your Waters: Harmful Aquatic Hitchhikers InvadingSpecies? .com; Spiny Water Flea

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