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Iya2 gue tau. Liat aja ketua DPR ke-2 itu bener2 tidak sempurna... Maklumlah. No DPR perfect RT (cont sureeee lol Do it while you are young, if you don't - you won't !! I know. Why can't I see all my interactions on my social media app? Tf is that? Get your poo together social media app. ^^ [Pls RT] Just watched Spiderman on Broadway..was rather enjoyable. I wouldn't mind one of the suits but they're quite tight...bit risky. Paulo Portas diz que é conveniente pôr fim ao "impasse" nas negociações para a adesão turca) follback please^^ QUEM QUISER AVATAR FALA COMIGO! (= Final: New Mexico 65, UNLV 45. Rebels score less than 50 for first time this season, and now sit two games back int he conference race. Vleeo galeriinha to saindo beeijos SonoMandando? ! 38 degrees and im stuck in a classroom with no airconditioning FML YEE Officially 16!:D Inspiration for Bitter - Just gotta smile. If they ever cast Cassie to play her I'd slice my wrists and let Adele's depressing sing at my funeral

Capaz sale siesta antes de física.. ¿Quién hace las fotos de parejas a punto de follar de Tumblr? SonCosasQueNuncaSabremos? . Não é o Gil? Adriana, Chico Buarque e eu. Esse é o Rio! answered the question. Hedge fund has is more frat . "everyone in a hedge fund is frat. Duh." Im slacking Confirmado, las camisetas del Villarreal no son de los Chinos. Les profs qui essaient de faire de l'humour < Nicki Minaj es una negra fea y copiona de Lady G. // ¿Que tiene que sea negra? Racista. ¿Copiona, dónde? NI SE PARECEN. Tiene el estilo. Nick Jonas and his blessness >>>>> anything else. Pôneis Malditos? Por que não Angry Birds Malditos? BigFollow? : Beach bound wink Goodluck tokz

all on the TLs popping up... Might as well make room graphicdesign fyn thanks! smile u? hows school? big grin Beauty! Mais il ne ta pas virée ? omg louis stop flexing his muscles suhstyle Wooooooow Spring Breakers is DEFO not gonna be an 12A most likely 15/18 Cierran con resultados mixtos bolsas de Asia The new Marlins uniforms are soo loveing ugly. Look like walking Fruity Loops. Can't wait to go to school so me and can throw shockers at !(: ¿Quién estará por Le? n la primera semana de Abril? Struggle to find a that I don't like God Hahaha, somebody posted on fb 'i want to try to ignore his massages' hahahaha!! MASSAGES!!! Hahahahaha Parah macet totaal!! I didn't message in 3 days. Oh lord. Maybe it's a good thing you left, because it made me realize I can stand on my own.

Yes wink sick as a puppy Video Game Tester | Wii Xbox Playstation | Needed Immediately Artisan Lexington, KYLouisv friday* É você que eu amo, só você ! And most of you also think that every single one of us hates 1D, no not all of us do so shut the loveing love up. are you a leader? What did actually happen to flu? And kony ik ben nu omw to de ah nem hihi Everyone else is messageing "OH MY love PUNK'D IS ON" .. and im like from Narnia and this is just loveing depressing! 'Cause AT&T international plans are expensive. I limit my Canada "talk/message" time to Wi-fi locations. wink Gitaris Favoritmu Aoi and Uruha ( ´) Top runners have quick turnover. - Jack Daniels NY Times is trying to figure out whether mass subscription email was spam or a mistake: I look completley zoned out of it :L They are so cute. If someone truly wants you nothing will auto repair keep them away. They will do whatever it takes to make you theirs. truelove

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