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Removing some contact lens away from any dry eye can be quite tricky plus receives extra care. It is possible to damage your eye while removing any lens even when your eye isn't dry, except when a contact feels stuck to the cornea or here aren't enough tears, there is added opportunity to damage your eye.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

Contact lens rewetting drops Saline solution

Recommend Edits

1 Scrub hands completely. You should always employ clean hands when removing a contact lens from your vision.

2 Inspect your eye closely in a mirror to produce absolutely the lens yous actually on the eye. This might sound silly but it is possible for some lens to fall from or be rubbed away regarding the vision and you may well not even understand it is gone. Any dry eye can give false sensations that a contact yous still from place.

4 Touch the lens with some clean finger, very gently, to realize if the contact moves a tiny on the eye. If the lens may move, it is safe to remove your contact the way you normally do. If the lens is still stuck, repeat in a lot more drops until the lens moves any little.

5 Remove the lens out of your eye. If you feel any opposition at all, as if the lens is stuck, cease immediately.

Suggestions & Cautions

If you do not obtain rewetting or lubricating drops, try out using a saline solution to wash your eyes. Go to your eye doctor or any crisis care facility to have a doctor remove the lens if you cannot have enough lubricant on the lens to safely remove the contact. Peeling off or popping out any lens that is is stuck on your eye can cause serious harm.

Suggest item


Removing Contact Lenses


Bausch also Lomb Contact Lens Care

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